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Quick Quick: New Convenience

Convenience Stores are the unsung heroes of everyday life. They’ve become a ubiquitous service that covers the globe, often giving travelers a comforting landmark that reminds them of home. A new idea is changing up that service drastically with a focus on quality and quickness.

Quick Quick in Ponce City Market was started as an experiment for a new idea on convenience stores. The "boutique bodega" focuses on a well curated stock of snacks, beverages and men’s grooming goods to give customers the ability to be quick in their decisions. By only having select brands and varieties customers can run in, decide on their choice and leave before the time on their parking expires.

One area that may take up people’s time is Quick Quick’s magazine choices. Straying away from the usuals, Quick Quick goes for the eclectic. Carrying titles that focus on unique subject or unique ways to present their material such as Hypebeast, Monocle, Drift, Neu Neu magazine, Communication Arts and so many more. The magazine section brings in the curious leisurely walking through, while the snacks and beverages tend to the fast paced.

Visit Quick Quick the next time you’re in Ponce City Market looking for a quick snack or drink, or browsing for the next magazine you want to get lost in.


Quick Quick

Ponce City Market

675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE

Atlanta, GA 30308

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