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Brother Moto: A Safe Haven for The Moto-Curious

Coffee shops have always been places of community and gathering. More recently, themed cafes have been gaining increasing popularity. One business stands apart in the highly populated world of coffee by focusing more on community than caffeine. Brother Moto sought out to be more than a cafe bike inspired cafe, and became a place for the “moto-curious” community.

Brother Moto is one part coffee shop, selling signature drinks, snacks and standard go-tos, and one part community based D.I.Y garage, where members gain access to Brother Moto’s garage and tools. In some way Brother Moto is more heavily focused on serving the “moto-curious”(anyone interested in motorcycles or mopeds in any fashion) by selling helmets, vintage motorcycle gear and an array of different motorcycle books and magazines. They also have a weekly “Twosday Ride Out” where members ride their bikes from Brother Moto to Victory Sandwich Bar in Decatur, and the occasional members appreciation late night pizza party.

The team of baristas at Brother Moto don’t slack on their drinks though. All visitors can be pleased with a selection of drinks ranging from coffee mainstays, such as espressos and lattes, to their signature drinks, The Hometown and Lemonader. The Hometown is a mix of Coca-cola classic and espresso with “a hint of vanilla” that has a surprising bite and less sweet than one would expect. The Lemonader on the other hand is an interesting mix of lemon juice and coffee. Bless whoever thought of this because it is simultaneously refreshing and invigorating in a way that is perfect for long summer days.

All in all, Brother Moto is a welcomed addition to the Cabbagetown neighborhood. Creating not only a coffeeshop that can compete with the local coffee scene, but also a community clubhouse for anyone who has ever found an interest or loves motorcycles, even though they are dangerous.


Brother Moto

670 Memorial Dr SE,

Atlanta, GA 30312

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