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The Study by RESIDENCE

Atlanta is a leading influence in multiple aspects of culture, and while the city is home to a plethora of notable names in the fashion and luxury world many of those personalities are wearing brands that are not native to the Black Hollywood of the South. In fact there are not many luxury brands that call Atlanta home or have a space to showcase their goods. Residence is making a valiant effort to combat this with their newest project; The Study. The Study is a personal shopping experience that brings the warm hospitality of luxury retail, and combines it with the comfortability of visiting a close friend at their personal studio. This creates an experience that is unique to the southern city, and focuses on more than simply selling goods. They are providing an education into the lifestyle of luxury.

The experience begins after you follow Residence’s instruction to their secret location, and it feels similar to Harry Potter’s first time to Platform 9 3/4. Instead of being transported to a castle to learn wizardry, you find yourself within Residence’s realm of homegrown luxury. A realm filled with Residence’s luxury apparel, accessories, candles, SHMACKs and beverages. Patrons are also granted access to the brand’s samples, various coffee table books, and the goods of fellow BIPOC created luxury brands. Also the experience is made personal by its appointment only nature. This provides guests a comfortable environment to ask questions about products, discuss ideas and thoughts, or simply escape the brutal heat of an Atlanta summer.

The only unfortunate detail is that the experience is only available on weekends, but the 30 minute allotted time slots gives guests plenty of time to explore and learn. Visit Residence’s website to schedule your retail appointment, and experience the luxurious hospitality for yourself.

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