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The 60 Day Challenge

Last month, Larry June and Alchemist released their single “60 Days.” Not only does it feature Larry’s aspirational, nonchalant vocals, and a floaty dream-like beat from Alchemist that sounds like a vacation for mobsters, but it also features a rare verse from the beat-smith and a challenge from Mr. June to his listeners. “A whole lot can change in 60 days,” is the message that June adds to the hook, and he follows this up with an even more straightforward tweet. “For the next 60 days lets stack this bread, cut back on unnecessary spending. Small numbers add up. #60daychallenge

While I completely support this message and challenge, my devout New Orleanian ways would not allow me to begin anything similar to a fast until after Ash Wednesday. Celebrating Mardi Gras comes first before all else. Even self-improvement. Now with the carnival season through, I can begin bettering myself for myself, and I think that is the true goal of Lent(aka Mark Wahlberg's 40 Day Challenge) and Larry June’s 60 Day Challenge.

Self-accountability is a characteristic that builds strength for a person’s soul, and not many individuals experience this on an annual level outside of those that practice religions. Muslims have Ramadan. Jewish people have Yom Kippur, and Christians have Lent, but those not participating in organized faith groups are not presented with these types of self-control tests. Therefore it is refreshing to be presented with such an obstacle from an artist that can logically throw this at his listeners.

Self-improvement and healthy living is not a far-fetched topic for Larry June. His verses are filled with references to healthy smoothies using organic ingredients and maintaining a healthy workout routine. I don’t know another rapper educating people about the importance of alkaline water, or adding chlorophyll to a beverage for extra benefits. Therefore it makes sense for the San Francisco native to ask his audience to better themselves with something resembling Lent, which is important for a society that is breaking further away from organized religions.

Whether you are a person giving up meat or sweets for Lent, or simply a fan of Larry June, try to give up something for 40 or 60 days. You never know how good the outcomes could be if you tried.

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