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Coffee Houses of Atlanta

Happy National Sick Day! Hope everyone out there enjoyed The Big Game, and all the food and drinks that came with it. Unfortunately, I know Atlanta isn’t happy with the final results. Hopefully all the sad drinking didn’t lead to any horrible hangovers. But, no matter how your night turned out, here’s a great way to start your day. These local Atlanta coffee shops offer great drinks and a relaxing atmosphere to help you escape the Super Bowl Blues.

1. Chrome Yellow Trading Co.

501 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA

Edgewood has become one of Atlanta’s most popular streets for night life in recent years. With the addition of a great coffee house, Edgewood is also a great place to visit at any time of the day. This coffee spot is a humble business, sitting on the corner of Edgewood and Daniel Street. Chrome Yellow offers a nice selection of made-to-order drinks, whipped up by the talented barista.

You can also find goods from Stumptown and Creature’s Comfort, as well as canned sake. If you're looking to update your wardrobe while enjoying your caffeine, Chrome Yellow has an in-store boutique; featuring brands like 3sixteen and Rogue Territory.


2. Cool Beans Coffee Roasters

31 Mill St #100, Marietta, GA

Located near Marietta’s Glover Park, Cool Beans has some of the best coffee roasts I’ve tried in the Atlanta area. There's two things that make their coffee unique: they have their own coffee roasters in-store and they carry a wide selection of beans from around the world. My personal favorite is the Bali Blue Krishna roast.

Though the coffee is amazing, and the shop offers a large, comfortable space, Cool Beans is still one of Marietta's best kept secrets. If you ever find yourself in northwest Georgia in need of a caffeine fix – Cool Beans is the place to check out!


3. Hodge Podge

720 Moreland Ave, Atlanta, GA

Hodge Podge, in East Atlanta, is hard to miss. The building is covered in colorful graffiti, making it easy to spot as you pass by on Moreland. Don't get me wrong, the coffee is great – but the main attraction of this coffee shop is the unique space it occupies. The large, roomy shop offers many sitting areas, and large windows let in loads of natural light. It's the perfect place to sit and hang out for a while. Hodge Podge also provides space for local artists to sell their work. Stop by next time you’re on Moreland.

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