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Joystick: Nostalgic Fun

Nostalgia is a theme that runs high with the latest generation of adults. This has spilled into the nightlife scene – with the current popularity of barcades that offer more activities than the usual dance floor.

One place that stands out in the Atlanta area is Joystick on Edgewood.

Joystick is a retro spot in comparison to the other bars on Edgewood. With a wide assortment of old school arcade cabinets, pinball machines and boardgames, Joystick gives visitors much more to do than just listen to music and drink. They also have a really great selection of drinks, and excellent bartenders, as well. Their comfortable sitting area also offers up a relaxing retreat from the games if you’re looking for a place to talk.

Make sure to check out the backroom that offers up extra activities depending on the night of the week. Ranging from events such as Drunk Chess, Mean Rockband Karaoke and 8-Bit Comedy Night. They also have events focused on meet-ups for like minded individuals such as All The Nerdy Ladies and Film Bar Monday. Check out Joystick’s calendar on their website.


Joystick Gamebar


427 Edgewood Ave SE,

Atlanta, GA 30312

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