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Support Small

National Small Business Week is an annual event, held by the US Small Business Administration, to award exceptional small businesses across America. During this event, the USSBA also holds conferences to share knowledge and advice to entrepreneurs who are building their own brands. National Small Business Week celebrates the small businesses – which create two out of three jobs in America. But at Roulé, we feel that this celebration should continue year round. Without small businesses, cities would lack many of the culture spots that give them their character. Small businesses are what make cities interesting to visit, and they also provide the foundation for the communities around them. In honor of all small businesses across the world, we encourage you to #SupportSmall. Remember – Money is power. With every dollar you spend, you are casting a vote of support. Every purchase has the power to influence the products that are being created. We decide which companies will fail or thrive. Keep the money in your community. #SupportLocal and #SupportSmall!

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