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FOSTER: Formerly Politics NOLA

Metairie has always been known as the first suburb of New Orleans, so it is not shocking that the area has started to become home to interesting stores. Foster is one of these stores. This men’s fashion and sneaker boutique is keeping locals and tourists making it to the other side of New Orleans dressed in fresh goods.

Foster sits within a quiet strip located across from the north side of Lakeside Shopping Center. Behind their doors, though, is an oasis of fashion many would not expect, even though the palms trees give a hint to visitors before entering. The well decorated store feels like a secret club house of sorts, with warm wood furniture and wooden displays holding their products.

The clothing and shoes on display aren’t half assed either. Ranging from well known brands such as Born x Raised and Billionaire Boys Club, to rising brands like Carrots and Rare Panther. The team behind Foster seem to have a finger on the pulse of streetwear. Foster also regularly receives releases from local New Orleans brand, Beignet Boys, as well as release their own brand of goods that is heavily influenced by New Orleans through design and motifs. Their range of shoes are also impressive, featuring Jordans, harder to find Nike releases, Vans, New Balances and Asics.

What makes Foster special is that it found its place in the retail world of New Orleans with its selection of goods. While other stores aim for luxury streetwear brands, Foster still supports essential brands that aren’t too high priced. The store is also balanced between their clothes and sneakers, and doesn’t allow either side to falter in quality. Instead of focusing on being a streetwear store or a sneaker store, Politics set itself up as place that shoppers can buy entire outfits without having to visit another location.

Unfortunately for people outside of the Metairie/New Orleans area, Foster hasn’t finalized their webstore as of yet. Those interested can still check out their instagram and twitter for updates on releases and events. Be sure to visit them next time you’re in need for high quality streetwear or sneakers in Metairie. You won’t be disappointed.


The store's name has officially changed to Foster.


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