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Atlanta Streetwear Market

Atlanta Streetwear Market is a semiannual "interactive pop-up" featuring up and coming streetwear brands. This event gives these brands the ability to interact with their customers and community in a tangible way that is often missing from the current digital age of streetwear. Even though brands are able to communicate their message directly to their audience through their own websites and social media, they rarely have the chance to interact in a physical space.

The past event on Sunday felt less like a pop-up, and more like a local trade show similar to Agenda. Brands like High Class Filth, Street Antics and BrownMill were able to add enough flare to their area, that event goers were able to understand the underlying vibes that inspired the clothing.

Photo by Big Papito

Photo by Shalju

I'm looking forward to their next event in the fall, and possibly a surprise event before then if we're lucky. The community in Atlanta showed that they are ready to support, and the brands are definitely ready to be seen.

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