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Wish ATL Gallery

Wish is well known in the Atlanta Streetwear scene. The store has managed to survive the highs and lows of the Streetwear industry, while also creating a strong community through numerous collaborations and events. Earlier this year, Wish opened their new art gallery, in what may seem like a surprising move to some.

For years, Lauren Amos, the owner of Wish, has silently supported the art community through her Wish Foundation. The Wish Foundation is aimed towards helping emerging arts organizations in Atlanta. Amos and her team at Wish decided to expand their outreach in the arts community when a nearby storefront sat vacant for nearly a year.

The Wish Gallery is located on Moreland Avenue in what was once the 42 Degrees South smoke shop. With the help of Monica Campana, the curator and founder of Living Walls, Amos and her team was able to create a space that is completely dedicated to art. This gallery has given many local and underground artists a place to showcase and sell their work.

"Troy" & "Jemel" by Jurell Cayetano

"Troy" & "Jemel" by Jurell Cayetano

Paintings by Jurell Cayetano and FRKO

The gallery opened on February 10th with their Martha Cooper exhibition, "Then and Now," and they are moving quickly. Today is the end of their second show, "Trpl-Dbl," which featured Jurell Cayetano, Gerald Lovell and FRKO. Wish Gallery will be opening their third exhibition, "An Exploration of Her Ritual" on April 13th.

Make sure to check out The Wish Gallery next time you're in Little 5 points. For hours and news go to their new website.

"Gerald Under a Hair Dryer" "Real Love" and other paintings by Jurell Cayetano

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