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Food culture has always had a vague relationship with luxury, since luxury dining sits as a smaller subsection of the expensive lifestyle. What brands you wear is important, but where you go plays an important, albeit smaller, role as well especially when dining out. Now Atlanta experience curators, Residence, is adding luxurious quality and presentation to the snack world with their resi-Snacks.

The resi-Snack “Shmak PAK Pilot Program is a fine curated assortment of our delicious snack varieties that meet at the intersection of maximum flavor and pure satisfaction.” The most recent pack of “small batch artisanal treats crafted by Residence chef Jamal Makanjuola” focused on items that featured a balancing act between two flavors. The selection included Salted Caramel Oatmeal Cookies, Chipotle Aioli Potato Chips and Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownie Bites. The cookies were sweet yet creamy, the chips were slightly spicy with a mellow finish, and the slight heat of the brownies were “like a bite of Christmas."* All three snacks succeeded with thought out flavor profiles and great execution.

The quality of the product could also be seen in the presentation and packaging. The minimal and clean white and black box and bags the pack came in felt sleek and modern, which classes up the program significantly. This delivery separates Residence’s offering from other similar homemade snacks in a way that is digitally perceivable, which is necessary when faced with a growing digital market.

The quality of the snacks and quality of presentation is what sets resi-SNACK SPPP as a luxury snacking experience with an accessible price point of $20. Be sure to follow RESIDENCE for announcements of their next schmak pak, and get an opportunity to experience luxury snacks for yourself.

*Quote provided by photographer Hannah Washington of Visdeco

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