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Tip Top Proper Cocktails

"The Classics, At Your Convenience"

Bars and nightclubs were establishments that I thought were going to be ever present in my adult life. That was before, and now I miss the atmosphere of going out and enjoying drinks with friends more than ever. Tip Top Proper Cocktails were on the market offering easily accessible, great tasting classic cocktails long before the virus, but they are needed more than ever.

Tip Top’s offerings are all small packages that pack a heavy punch. The mildest of the three, The Negroni, sits at 26% ABV. While the other two, The Manhattan and The Old Fashion have 31% ABV and 37% ABV respectively. This makes for an enjoyable time for anyone looking for a more classic experience without stocking their own vermouth and bitters at home. My favorite is the Negroni with it having a more bittersweet taste to my liking. The other two are great for whisky lovers that like to taste their spirit with only a hint of something else to finish each sip. Whether it be a peppery spice from your Manhattans or a slight citrus in your Old Fashion.

Unfortunately, they are only available in Georgia at the moment, and you can find where to buy on their website here. Hopefully they are looking into larger distributing networks to supply more areas, and also looking into broadening their selection to offer other strong classic cocktails. Maybe a Sazerac to commemorate a spread into Louisiana and New Orleans. Try them out next time you get the chance, and remind yourself of the good old times.

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