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Media to Keep Your Mind Busy

It seems like everyone is going to be spending more time inside, and while I’m sure people have already found their own schedules and content in this weird moment, here is some more media to throw into your days of sheltering in place.

Links are in the names and at the bottom.


Podcasts - Podcasts’ main benefit is being able to hear a good conversation while keeping busy in other ways. Despite driving less, I still listen to my two favorite pods weekly.

Castle Super Beast - The conversation here is sporadic, hilarious and never too serious. Woolie and Pat still manage to entertain with topics ranging from video game news, stories from their pasts and randomness like the wonders of

pizza-ghetti. Check them out if you have 5 hours to spare, or check out clips on Woolie’s YouTube, WoolieVersus. Their takes on Tiger King, Animal Crossing and flying cars are some of the standouts that can give you an idea of what this pod is.

Groupchat Podcast - Despite wanting to escape from reality most of the hours, I still like to be informed about the latest happenings in the outside world. This podcast is where I find that information from intelligent, relatable, unbiased voices. They offer up really interesting viewpoints on politics, business and pop culture that is needed these days. Even though I may not always agree with their opinions, their knowledge and experience is always appreciated.

Newsletters - Having time to read emails is one caveat of this quarantine that I noticed immediately. I’ve actually been able to separate the ones that are noise from the ones that I remember signing up for. These two stand out as being informative and stimulating in these dull days.

Groupchat - Similar to the podcast, the groupchat newsletter is a deeper look at news in the world. The content is sometimes focused on something brought up on the pod, or instead focuses on something relevant to recent news not brought up. It is always a welcomed, entertaining and informative read to start my days.

Switchyards - Switchyards is a private club for people to gather and work together. Somewhat like We Work, but more focused on individuals rather than businesses. They’ve switched tracks during this time of isolation, and now offer up a daily newsletter centered on work life, third-spaces, and things to help combat boredom at home. Thanks to them I was able to find out about the next piece of media, and many more articles and podcasts to keep me stimulated.

Magazines - I’ve always had a love for magazines as a format. It wasn’t just about the information, but also the design. The layouts and visuals of magazines is something that is hard to imitate with a standard website, which is why I’m delighted by the return of digital magazines.

Courier - I have yet to electronically thumb through the two issues that I was able to download for free from their website, but I’m looking forward to it. Just opening their files brought me back to a happier time of reading digital issues of Vapor Magazine or Inqmnd. Digital was always the inevitable future for magazines, but magazine websites lacked the design and layouts of the real experience. The push to digital due to virus isolation is going to be a silver lining for magazine fans like myself. Also check out Monocle’s The Stack if you’re really interested in deep diving into the art of magazines.

Blog - It is funny how rarely I use the internet to visit blogs anymore. The internet is mainly a way to get to social media and streaming sites now. So it is refreshing to have an old school blog to go to daily again.

Bobby Hundreds' Monologue- Bobby Hundreds’ writings have always held a genuineness that was one of a kind on the internet in my early teen years. Checking The Hundreds Blog was top five in my daily routine back then, and it is a welcomed return now. Bobby returns to blogging in a way that feels nostalgic yet new all the while capturing the exact mood of now. His blog offers advice, photos, poems and even a post about doing nothing that is eerily relatable. Also check out his book, This is Not a T-Shirt if you would like to read more of his work.

YouTube - YouTube’s vastness is similar to a small nation consisting of multiple states focused on different industries. You can find anything you want here, and I’ve found some interestingly informative and relaxing channels here.

Defunctland and Yesterworld - I’ve always had a fascination with the world building of Disney World, and other amusement parks. With these two channels I get to watch videos about the history of park rides, concepts for unbuilt designs, and even a video about a party thrown by Walt Disney to celebrate the release of Snow White that got way out of hand. If you’re into theme parks, history or anything Disney related, these are amazing channels.

Landa Conservatory - This is a recently started venture by the creative mind behind The Madbury Club and On Award Tour, Phillip Annand. Landa Conservatory is “the most quiet place on the internet” offering relaxing visual meditations to help unwind or relieve some stress. This is a stark contrast to the usually noisy web filled with worrying subjects. Visit this channel next time you need something to help get you into a peaceful state.

Have a great day. Wash your hands.


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