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Hometown Hero: How Curren$y Gives Back to the City of New Orleans

Photo by Laiken Joy

Curren$y is one of the biggest artists on the underground rap scene. His music has a cult following and an endless catalog of releases. He got his start in music under the legendary New Orleans record label “No Limit Records” before expanding in popularity under the equally legendary “Cash Money/Young Money Records.” Curren$y left Cash Money to focus on making music that truly showed his interests and who he was. That was over ten years ago.Now, he heads one of the strongest musical imprints currently in New Orleans, Jet Life Recordings.

While spending over a decade making music independently, growing a huge fan base and creating opportunities for other aspiring artists, Curren$y has invested heavily in the well-being of his beloved hometown, New Orleans. Though there have been plenty of successful musicians to come out of New Orleans, none have given back as consistently as Curren$y. He has invested not only in the economic well-being of the city, but also the cultural well-being.

Curren$y first began building outside the realm of music with his own auto repair shop, N.O Street Customs, in New Orleans East. This made perfect sense as he is an avid car lover and collector. This also made sense for New Orleans because of the community’s love for cars as well.

Curren$y continued his knack for good business decisions when he invested in a second location for We Dat’s Chicken and Shrimp, a widely popular restaurant that is still expanding throughout the city. This was a symbolic move placing Curren$y as a figure head for black business ownership in New Orleans.

Photo by Laiken Joy

When news broke that Bud’s Broiler in City Park would be closing, Curren$y saved the famous landmark for his city. The Bud’s Broiler that was located at 500 City Park Avenue was the first Bud’s to ever exist. It was reopened in 2009 after being closed since Hurricane Katrina, and was practically a landmark. He recently announced his plans to reopen at this location with his own diner, Life Burger, to keep the famous spot’s tradition of burgers in the hands of a New Orleanian.

Not only has Curren$y built local business, but he has also contributed to New Orleans’ nightlife and car culture. Though New Orleans is known by tourists for its partying atmosphere, locals have often found the city’s nightlife offerings to be lacking. Partnering with The House of Blues New Orleans, Curren$y started Jet Lounge, a weekly party that is more relaxed than the typical club but cooler than the average bar. Jet Lounge gave the restless people of New Orleans a place to unwind in the middle of their weeks. Jet Lounge filled a role that was otherwise vacant in the nightlife scene before its invention.

Photo by Laiken Joy

He also founded his own car club, Cruise Life. While Curren$y wasn’t the first to bring lowriding to New Orleans, he is the first to give it a spotlight in the mainstream. Curren$y’s motivation behind Cruise Life was inspired by the positive influence that lowriding culture has brought to areas like Los Angeles. Instead of violent acts, people within the lowrider community battle with their hydraulics and style. This is much needed in New Orleans where crime and shootings are still an issue in the city.

Curren$y strives to be a positive role model for the younger generation and aspires to create more opportunities for the youth in New Orleans, as well. He hopes to get more kids involved with programs the city has to offer. In 2015 Curren$y sponsored a talented Amateur Athletic Union club called Jet Life Athletics that have teams in the 14U, 15U and 17U age brackets, and have won multiple championships in their short time.

By investing in his community, Curren$y has contributed to the growth and preservation of the culture of New Orleans – the food culture, car culture and nightlife culture. He’s not only created jobs, but he’s also helped to create a more fulfilling and active community for the people of New Orleans.

Curren$y is continuously trying to better the lives of the people of New Orleans, and his love for the city shows. He is the example of putting your money where your heart is, and he does so, quietly and humbly.

Photo by Laiken Joy

Curren$y isn’t the first successful musician to give back to the city of New Orleans, with countless others coming before him, but it is important to give thanks for the contributions that Spitta is making in current times. It is also worth noting how he has led the way for the younger generation of creatives and entrepreneurs to come after him. Such as Freewater making their name in the New Orleans nightlife for young adults in the city. New Orleans is on the verge of a economic rise, and people like Curren$y are making sure that locals and those heavily invested in the culture of New Orleans have a place and say in the city’s future.

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