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Life Before & After The Internet

Since 2003, podcasts have crept into the cultural mainstream in strong force, and for good reason. Creators have an easy access to publishing sites, and listeners have the ability to download or stream on demand. With this, podcasts have become the leading source for talkshows and interviews, especially with brands or individuals looking to grow their market or release content.

One person taking advantage of this is Cory from LikeSushi with his podcast “Life Before and After The Internet.”

Through this podcast Cory sits down with personalities that make up New Orleans’ multiple subcultures. The show has featured guests such as the duo behind Freewater, local musical artist Nesby Phips, the host of The Blueprint Show, M.A.Q, and Patrick Bowden of Foster. Cory not only asks about the history of the guests and how they accomplished their goals, but also their takes on the current events and movements happening in New Orleans. Thanks to the show's New Orleans focused content, “Life Before and After” became my favorite way to stay connected to the subcultures of New Orleans while also living in Atlanta. Any person who knows what it means to miss New Orleans would love to hear about everything happening back home, and would therefore love this show.

Visit their soundcloud for an archive of their releases.

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