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"Better Late Than Never"

When accomplishments occur correctly, they appear effortless and as if they occurred overnight no matter how much time and effort was actually poured into that goal. My uncle is a perfect example of this. In February of 2001, he purchased a three story building on the corner of Oretha Castle Hailey and MLK Blvd in New Orleans. There was a lot of doubt within the family about this, and with good reason. The area was rough(like every MLK area in any city during that time), the building was old and needed major repairs, and my uncle was in his early 40s with no experience. Despite these facts, he stood strong. The building survived Katrina, numerous other hurricanes, and waves of gentrification. Now 21 years later, that building houses one of the best art galleries and event spaces in the city.

This is an example of “Better Late Than Never” in two different ways. First, it stands as an example of “It is never too late to go after a dream.” Secondly, it is an example of not giving up on your dreams once you start. These two lessons have been on our minds constantly as of late. Roulé SAPC as an idea has been worked on for years, but despite this a major release has yet to occur. Even the time between articles has been far and few in between, but unspoken circumstances have changed granting new life and energy into the brand.

There will be numerous changes occurring on this site with the spirit of “Better Late Than Never” being the driving force behind these changes. More articles, more interviews, and even a series of playlists on Apple Music to audibly share the Roulé vibe wherever you are. Those are the digital changes that are coming in the near future. As for the physical, we’ve included some of our inspiration for our upcoming major release. Therefore please be on the lookout for those official announcements in the coming weeks, and as always thank you for supporting us here at Roulé Social Aid & Pleasure Club.

Also to prepare for the next release, almost all items are marked down by 20%!

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