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Casual Fridays

Magazines have always played a special role in cultures of all types. They have helped readers gain knowledge, helped trends spread and end, and have helped personalities become household names. Despite publications helping their industries in these ways for decades, magazines began an era of decline when the rise of the internet and social media started. Luckily for people who still appreciate well made issues with interesting layouts and interviews, magazines have followed the path of vinyl records. Anyone who wants to listen to music can stream anything they want on the internet. Despite this, music lovers and audiophiles still purchase music in vinyl form. Same goes for magazine lovers and magazines.

These magazine lovers are also being presented with newly started publications led by youthful energy with new perspectives. One of those new publications is “Casual Fridays.” This subculture focused magazine is four issues deep, and have already managed to gain interviews with Anwar Carrots, Mark McKee, and a plethora of up and coming brands such as H33M, Little Africa and Kitboys. The most intriguing fact about this upstart is that they are based in Atlanta, and have managed to connect with personalities far beyond the Atlanta streetwear scene. This multi-city approach has been a great benefit to the publication by growing their following across the US instead of focusing on one location.

If this perspective on subculture interests you, Casual Fridays just released their most recent issue featuring Anwar Carrots, Sixcell, Kitboys and more. You can purchase it at their website, but move fast since they tend to sell out quickly. You can also check out their YouTube channel for a multitude of enlightening interviews with brand owners and entrepreneurs. Us here at RouléSAPC are looking forward to what’s next, and excited to see this young publication grow with time.

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